Why Preserve Open Space?

Why should we preserve open space? some ask. We've got our carefully groomed backyards. Who needs wild forest? You ask that, the activists in Lexington and all over the country for preserving open green space will provide you with one word: Nature.
Nature helps reduce stress, according to studies. Nature provides a natural playroom for kids. And of course, nature houses animals.

For some people, this is not a very strong argument. Okay. Animals...so? Animals should not just be shunted aside. People nowadays treat animals like some kind of outdated argument. If you try to argue with a developer with animals as your main point, you'll be shunted aside, too. This is NOT okay! While I could write a whole other website on animal welfare, that's not my point or cause. Animals are an important part of society, and they're one of those things that people won't notice until it's gone. They do so much - fertilize the land, help plants to grow, and are amazing to just watch, not to mention exellent subjects for photography. So for the animals is my argument for nature. If society ignores, well, I'm not going anywhere.

Nature is a thing to be cherished, rejoiced in, left to thrive. Unfortunately, most people don't realize that. Until then, be a natural advocate, and protect the open green spaces in your town.