Going On

Happy birthday to you! You've just been awarded a free house in one of the world's best educated towns: Lexington, Massachusetts. Your new house is large, roomy, and right next to two others, so you'll have friendly neighbors, too! What your real estate agent conviently forgot to mention, though, is that one slightly rundown house was demolished, along with a lush forest of trees and animals. "When they cut down a lot of trees on Robinson Road we saw all the dead birds, fallen nests and broken bird eggs when we were walking to and from school!" says a second grade petition protesting the Grove Street development. "It was really UPSETING[sic]!" These particular "Robinson Road houses", developed by Todd Cataldo, were plopped into existence, replacing hundreds of trees and one house. In the Google Maps picture above, these houses are in the upper right-hand corner.
That pit of destruction that looks like a small lasso in the middle of the picture? That's currently a group of balanced housing units that are being sold for ridiculously high prices to people from around the world. Built after a clearcutting of 2.75 acres of trees, the mini community was ironically named "Robinson Woods" and is today still a source of discomfort to many residents.

The developers pound relentlessly on Lexington's flimsy Planning Board's door, and here's the proof:
~435-439 Lincoln St: 14 units (recently approved by Planning Board)
~331 Concord Ave: 27 units (under review by Planning Board)
~227 Grove St: potentially 36 units (being targeted)
~9 Bushnell Dr./287 Waltham St: potentially 24 units (under review by Planning Board)
~plus countless more already being carried out and
~countless more in the planning stages!

With this vicious malady sweeping the town, there's only one thing the citizens can do - fight.