Preservation of Open Space in Lexington

Lexington Residents Vehemently Oppose Potential Development. Waltham St. Development Meets Opposition from Residents. Lexington Residents Upset about Potential Development near Bedford Forest. It’s been all over the papers for months – but no matter how hard the citizens of Lexington, Mass. resist, the developers keep on coming, taking advantage of the families from all over the world that want to give their kids a better education. Nearly 700 housing units have been added to Lexington in the past 10 years. There are 4 developments in planning right now that will add 104 more units.
All these developments threaten the everyday lives of residents in Lexington - and some don't even care. At a recent meeting concerning a development on Grove Street, a Planning Board member asked, "Why stop at 36 units? Why not 40?" At another recent meeting, a parent of a current middle schooler defended the developing company, North Shore Development, saying the developer was a very nice man, and that she "only came to Lexington for her kids' education, and [is] leaving once her kids graduated school." This kind of ignorance cannot survive in a town - and world - striving to be more diverse, welcoming, and cordial.
My hometown of Lexington is undergoing a serious developmental crisis.
What about yours?